The best piece of advice I’ve ever heard about choosing a career direction was……..
“Do what you love and find someone to pay you to do it.”  Ms Chris McAlister

When young people start to look at career options – they ask important questions, like:

•    What types of jobs are available?
•    What type of industries can I work in?
•    Can I earn good money?
•    Will it offer variety, challenge and reward?
•    Will I be able to work overseas?
•    What about career progression?
•    Can I change projects, jobs, work locations and industries?
•    Does it offer job security?
•    Will it provide flexibility and work/life balance?
•    Can I make my ‘mark’?
•    What studies will I need to take?
•    What qualifications will I need?

The answer is………………………….. ICT!

When it comes to a rewarding and challenging career that keeps you engaged, offers you the chance to make a ‘difference’ and provides a balanced lifestyle, it’s hard to beat ICT.  

The possibilities are only limited by your interest, drive and imagination.  You can work with a multinational corporation, operate as an independent contractor or consultant, start your own business or join one of the many small-medium businesses in Queensland/Australia, you could even have opportunities to work overseas.

As tomorrow’s ICT professional you are likely to be working with technologies that don’t exist yet.  You’ll have your choice of industry - banking and finance, heath, insurance, education, resources/mining, entertainment, marketing, defence, manufacturing, telecommunications, agriculture, multimedia, retail, environment, hospitality, petroleum - you name it!

Careers in ICT are as vast and varied as the broad range of industries that depend on ICT to drive their businesses.  People with ICT skills can earn from $40,000 to over $400,000.  What you earn will depend on what you want to make of your career path and your life.  You may want to design and create electronic Games OR you may aspire to be the next Bill Gates – the choice really is yours!!

So, what are you waiting for?
Join the ICT profession today!  OR - take a step in the right direction, by studying a course that will put you on the right path.

With ICT you can:  be anyone………   do anything………  work anywhere………


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