What is ICT?

Reach into your pocket and pull out your mobile phone. Take a minute to think – where would you be without your mobile? How would you have reached that friend when you were running late? How would you know exactly what the weather was doing every 15 minutes? How would you have managed to check facebook about 55 times yesterday? This is Information and communications technology (ICT) in action, a perfect example of ICT weaving its way into every corner of our lives.

It is ICT that powers the social networks that our current society is gravitating towards. Gone are the days of pigeons and snail mail (letters) and here are the days of email, twitter and sms. Technology is behind nearly everything we do, from the computer animation in movies to advances in medical treatment and research, to the preparation and creation of the food we eat.

Our dependence on ICT matches its growth, as technology steadily revolutionizes our way of life. ICT and its uses are limited only by the extent of our imagination.


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