Which job fits your personality?


Creative at heart, you think and dream in technicolour


Passionate about knowledge, you are driven and always a step ahead


Hands-on, you understand how things fit together


Problem solving is second nature, curiosity and innovation rule your world


You're easy going and friendly and you think helping others is a joy not a chore

Featured Article

Digital basketball hoops & electronic paintballs

As a multimedia artist anything is possible if you love to develop ideas across varied digital platforms.  From music videos to animation, writing electronic music, Vjing interactive live events, to iPhone application design.

Featured ICT Professional

Mark Bathie,Codesion

Mark found a gap in the market when he first started working in the ICT industry which led him to start his own business,CVSDude.The company is now a leading global provider of specialist source code hosting services and project management tools, with nearly 3,000 commercial customer worldwide.


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